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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Disney RAPUNZEL A Tangled Tale fun!!!

Story about a single older woman who saw the sun like a flower that touches the magical land. He sings every day to always look young and beautiful...One day the queen of flowers sick and need sunlight to be healing. Soldiers noticed an interest-only and Queen to be cured. She gave birth to a daughter named Rapunzeln bla3 ... bla3 .... if you all want to know more about this story ... Rapunzel how to meet the boy .. you go to the movies to watch .... hahaha .... I go along with my family. Angah, Aim, becik, yayaMa went with my father watching the Bruce Lee movie.While waiting for the film began. Our brothers and sisters together to go to tmpat menan token2  release tension . I invite them to play basketball. Here the token value only 50sen satu...haha ... very cheap .. In Malacca, a precious token 1ringgit. So we can play games just twice, not wanting to waste. I saw the ramen shop..But all people are starving. Dad did not want to eat ramen and took us to eat at restaurants that prepare the rice. Why not .. as long as we can fill the hungry stomach this. After eating we went home with happy ... WINK! =)

she the witch(hoho...or tue yg pasan nk mude)

mcm2 dugaan 

Rapunzel really want to see the floatig lantern 

*opss!! ahaa...she hv a glowing beautiful blonde..hehe


*this water bottle...from set combo rapunzel..weee!