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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ask me questions about have i forget my ex?

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I had to return home.. And now we are far away...I miss him...And he misses me...Although my body is here, but my heart is still there.. Always miss him...If we have a mate, I'll take care of him my whole heart...Ya Allah, should he be determined by your mate to me .. Throw it into his heart, my love is for you...However, if it he was not prescribed by your mate to me, give me strength to surrender in the face of tests that you give..i <3 u..
αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Actually, he loves me a full heart?
Actually, what he wants from me?
Actually I must cried for joy to others?
Actually I'm not going to get happiness for myself, but I have to give happiness to other people?
Did I just fairies who come just to help cheer or encouraging other people, but at the same time my heart is sad?
When will come a prince to be happy my heart is?
He was a prince that I love my life if he was trying to make happy my heart is. Who is he? Where is he? Is the only close, or not? But I will always wait for the prince.

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

DIPLOMA SHOW tunas ilham 7/2011

Berakhirnye peperangan artwork2 yg btimbun...tem ni agak bosan..sbb xde sorg pon yg aq jemput xpe la..

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i dont know~ i will mis u all

i dont know what in my mind..i dont know what im thinking..his very nice happy being his friend althgh in this short happy because can hang out wif him and all his his lovely fmily..thnk you very appreciate tht moment..after this i will leave for 4 month and i cant see u again..mbey if i may to study dgree in melaka, so i will see u again..if comin too!! i will missed u guy..

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sangat SEDIH

Sgt sedih,
bile seseorg yg kite syg ade dpan x bole bsame...
sgt sedih,
bile perlu jao drnya..
sgt sedih,
bile dah berkenalan n epi together,bjumpe ngn x dpat bersame...

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

AKTIVITI Kitorg bile tem mengile da tansion wat artwork..!!

bengkel besi

in studio (uni,mas,me,dayah)

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~