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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I had to return home.. And now we are far away...I miss him...And he misses me...Although my body is here, but my heart is still there.. Always miss him...If we have a mate, I'll take care of him my whole heart...Ya Allah, should he be determined by your mate to me .. Throw it into his heart, my love is for you...However, if it he was not prescribed by your mate to me, give me strength to surrender in the face of tests that you give..i <3 u..
αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Actually, he loves me a full heart?
Actually, what he wants from me?
Actually I must cried for joy to others?
Actually I'm not going to get happiness for myself, but I have to give happiness to other people?
Did I just fairies who come just to help cheer or encouraging other people, but at the same time my heart is sad?
When will come a prince to be happy my heart is?
He was a prince that I love my life if he was trying to make happy my heart is. Who is he? Where is he? Is the only close, or not? But I will always wait for the prince.

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

DIPLOMA SHOW tunas ilham 7/2011

Berakhirnye peperangan artwork2 yg btimbun...tem ni agak bosan..sbb xde sorg pon yg aq jemput xpe la..

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i dont know~ i will mis u all

i dont know what in my mind..i dont know what im thinking..his very nice happy being his friend althgh in this short happy because can hang out wif him and all his his lovely fmily..thnk you very appreciate tht moment..after this i will leave for 4 month and i cant see u again..mbey if i may to study dgree in melaka, so i will see u again..if comin too!! i will missed u guy..

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sangat SEDIH

Sgt sedih,
bile seseorg yg kite syg ade dpan x bole bsame...
sgt sedih,
bile perlu jao drnya..
sgt sedih,
bile dah berkenalan n epi together,bjumpe ngn x dpat bersame...

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

AKTIVITI Kitorg bile tem mengile da tansion wat artwork..!!

bengkel besi

in studio (uni,mas,me,dayah)

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

majlis PRE-GRADUAN ( UiTM melaka 2010) ♥

The delicious menu. but very sad because I do not have a beautiful dress for the wear. I forgot to take it. and no money to buy new because the money run out at the use to artwork.haha. ... but it not important now got the best of my artwork.

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~


αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Sunday, March 20, 2011

my TULIPS dream

Since I was small has requested to walk in the area full of fresh tulips... But until now, i still not able to fulfill my dream... I hope someday when I've had my kumbang, so that later when I had the opportunity to Keukenhof, HOLLAND, Netherlands  the Garden tulips that grow beautifully with a variety of exciting colors... I'm excited to sit in the expansion of the interest...=)

                                                                                                                          αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


thank fr sume pejalan da singgah2 kt blog aq ni...sambil2 jenjln tu belek2 la ye gegelang yg aq wat tu..if nak order bole trus add aq kt fb..wokey! =)

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Sunday, February 13, 2011


rindu sgt tem men bola sepak ngn adik2 kat umh..last tem nk balek aritu ktrg men bola sepak pkai bola breeze bola ktrg da xde angin...bukn men semangat lagi mnyepak nk msuk kn dlm gol yg knon2 besa penjuru kiri ke penjuru kanan je..sepak punye sepak sampai bola ke kaki angah..then.. PUSHHH!! hahaha...angah terpijak bola tu sampai kempis...da kitrg punye gelak terbahak2...sbb bola da jdik leper...hahaha...bygkn gorila pijak sgt sonok..bile same2 ngn adik beradik sdri..rindu diorang,,angah,aim,becik, yaya...

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Friday, February 4, 2011


happy birthday angah yg ke 18..semoge sht selalu,dapat smbung blaja..sorry x smpat nk clebrate..huu..spatutnye kite nak g tgok x smpat..len kli la..mase ko cuti plak t k..huuu...syedeh sayer..tgu aq blek cuti lg skali...!!tu..ari tu ko xdpt kek cheese sbb kdai sume tutup..sume raye wat khas utk ko..gmbo pon jdik la...haha...=)

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Sunday, January 30, 2011


hehe .. so happy to be back home. To relax mentally of thinking about things that are very distressed at being in Melaka.. All sorts of things should I have while there... Painful, sad, and bring cheer to whatever happens. Far from family is a challenge that I have solved itself. Multiplicity friends in different places, all sorts of ways... There are friends who can accept me the way, there are friends who can not accept the way I am. Very difficult when the hostilities and their frowned upon there something they could not accept... How not to engage in a fight and will make me more tangled is to ignore them semua.huu ~

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

GOING TO TRIP KL (cmptition bkat muda sezaman)

pgi2 bsiap2 dgn smgtnye cz igtkn just lect ngn part 6 je..smpai2 je..OMG! ade dak2 part 4,5 juge..yes! aritu kate lain then skrg jdiknye len..nvm la,,yg pnting tem tu dwg x semak kn ktrg trus la gerak..g muzium kesenian islam dlu..msing2 blari ke jmban cz nk lpaskn segale hajat ..bukn berkejar nk tgok pe bnde isi dlm muzium tu..haha...of course x rase jakun sbb majoritinye dak2 kl..da naik jelak gaknye tgok bnde yg same..huhu..ntah pape..then jenjln dlm tu..tgok mcm2 bnde..dr kaligrafi smpai la ke bju tradisi islam di asia tggare..rome..bla3..sgt teruje ble nmpk rantai yg dwg pkai sgt besa..cmne la seh dwg angkut rantai tu sepanjang hari..x rase plik la sbb dwg pon beso2..klu org zman skrg pkai mang rmai yg g spital sbb leher bengkak,,terkehel ke..sbb pkai rntai besa tu je..haha..! then x lame tu ktrg gerak ke pn x tau motifnye ape..mkn mkn.. x lme tu gerak ke balai seni plak.. yeah! dpt jumpe nizar..ngn rami snior2 lame..lect yg da kt shh alam..seronok rasenye blek pn diana menang..n dpt knl ngn dak2 uitm perak..sbb tem tu dwg 2 fineart part 6 perak pon ade gak..x lame tu da beborak2 pnjg,,ktrg pown gerak blek mlake semule..sgt best dpt jmpe BFF aq..huu..

muke2 yg d captured tem kt balai xde kt aq lg..

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~


tade ape nk cte..sje je ltak muke beliau..sbb aq ske gle ngn beliau nih..aiyooo!! huhu..

αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~

Sunday, January 16, 2011


sblm naik bot gerak ke pulau tali kail

ats menare

warm up sblm jungle trcking

kami lanun hitam!

kesan sejarah perak

group aq wt sculpture

Our three-day sem 6 together with the sem 5 and lecturers went to ROYAL HUTAN BELUM, PERAK because of the activities there which we do to find ideas for final semester project. All sorts of activities we have done, such as jungle trekking. We will stop to sketch when we saw something that brought us the idea. Pastu, we also get the delicious food to add more. We kayaking, making raft, beluimbe2. Before that we had given each group. In my group was DAYAH,ADIB,ARIF,IZA N WAN2The first day I was so excited to take a boat to the PULAU TALI KAIL. Even when I was very tired. But very fun. The last day we were there, having endured all the activities, very tired. But that day we have to do group work lagi. Ktrg must make a sculpture based on the material around us. Sangat susah!, sbb aq xde skilled in sculpture design. But, lucky gile sbb sume org dlm kumpulan aq yg lain ade yg minat sculpture n reti la cner nk men reka,know to do it. HAHAHA ... memang satu experience yg kitrg x dpt lupekan.ha, forgot! arttalk night with en.saha and prof ariffin. n while chatting with the brothers in PULAU TALI KAIL. very fun!
αʝℓαα σиℓʏ..ωɛɛ~